Roelens Vacations November Recipe – Lobster Citrus Starfruit Salad

Lobster Carambola Citrus Salad

One of the greatest things about South Florida is it’s year round growing season. Our Farmers Markets have the freshest of produce and are worth a visit during your stay. The markets are located all throughout out our area and every day of the week you can find one. To rival our abundant fruits and vegetables, let’s talk about FRESH Seafood. Each month we will send you off to the market with a shopping list…here is to Spiny Lobsters and Citrus…both in Season in November in South Florida. Cheers…That’s Good Eatin’…SW Florida Style!


  1. Preheat broiler to high. Set lobster tails on a baking sheet or in an oven safe dish. With sharp kitchen scissors or a knife, carefully cut the top of the lobster tail shell down to the tip of the tail, avoiding the meat. Carefully pull shell down, so meat looks like it is sitting on top of shell and open.
  2. For Dressing, bring orange juice to a boil in a saucepan, reducing liquid by 1/2.
  3. Cool juice in a small bowl.
  4. Whisk orange juice, honey, oil and salt.
  5. Set Aside
  6. On individual plates, arrange carambola slices, orange and grapefruit sections, lobster and black beans on salad greens.
  7. Drizzle with orange salad dressing and serve.

Farmers Market Shopping List

  • Caramabolas (8)
  • Grapefruit (2)
  • Oranges (4)
  • Lemons (2)
  • Salad Greens
  • Orange Juice
  • Local Honey

Fish Market Shopping List

2 pounds of Spiny Lobster Tail

Other Groceries

  • Canola Oil
  • Salt
  • Black Beans

Vacation Swimming Pool Workout!

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In 1957, brothers Leonard & Jack Rosen purchased the peninsula known as Redfish Point for $678,000. Clearing the land involved a lot of chopping through the mangroves, pine trees, and vegetation with machetes. The heat was brutal ……… there were salt marshes, muddy pools, and thick, hard limestone to cut through. The men slept in tents and had to battle rattlesnakes, panthers, and gators.

But first, let’s start with early Cape Coral and the Native Americans who lived here, the Calusas. The Calusas, a fierce and warring tribe of native Americans, that all but disappeared by the time the United States gained control of the area.

Florida had been discovered by Spanish explorer, Ponce de Leon, in 1513.

In 1821, Spain deeded the land of Redfish Point to the United States. In return, the United States forgave the $5 million debt that Spain owed our country.

In 1822, Florida became an organized territory and settlers poured in along with runaway slaves who were harbored by Seminoles. Inevitably, there were clashes between Seminoles and whites.

The Harney Point Massacre became part of Cape Coral History during one of the Seminole Wars, where Seminoles fought against new settlers and the military, to try to keep their land. The Seminoles lost and were moved to reservations.

Later on, the land was patented to Florida, when Florida became a state in 1845. The state sold much of its land to railroad companies which in turn sold the land to various companies, such as the Matlacha Cattle Company, and to individuals.

One of these individuals was Franklin Miles of Miles Laboratories and of Alka Seltzer fame, who bought some of the land in 1910.

He used it mainly for hunting and the hunting quite good. There were plenty of wild hogs, deer, wild turkeys and ducks; which were usually hunted on horseback with dogs.

At that time, Cape Coral was known as the “other side of the river” or “Hungryland”. It was populated by homesteaders, loggers, cattlemen, rustlers and fishermen. It was a hard place to live, wild and desolate.

That was the land the Rosens bought for $678,000 from Franklin Miles, Ogden Phipps, and Granville Keller; with their newly formed company, Gulf Guaranty Land & Title Company, later known as Gulf American Land Corporation, and Cape Coral history was about to change. The first building, the Rosen’s sales office, was built on what is now Cape Coral and Coronado Pkwys, right at the spot where George’s Auto now stands.

Canals were dug out with dredges and the earth was used to build up the land to the required elevation of 5’6″ above sea level. So many canals and lakes were put in that Gulf American never had to buy fill dirt.

A crack team of hotshot salesmen used a fleet of planes for free rides as a very effective selling method. Sacks of flour were dropped over the lots that customers bought from the air!

At the beginning, landing strips were made for sales flights on SE 47th Terrace, Cape Coral Pkwy, and Coronado Pkwy. Then, they were moved to a small airport near what is now Del Prado and SE 21st Street. The airport was shut down in 1965 and flights were moved over to Page Field in Fort Myers once the Cape Coral Bridge was built.

Free planes rides where sacks of flour were dropped on buyers lots

The Calusa Indians inhabited much of South Florida

Water Playland – Cape Coral, Fort Myers and Sanibel

I was surfing the internet looking for interesting ideas for our new website. We are in the process of building a new site…same name just updating content, design etc. I’m really excited about that and the new things we can add. I found this fabulous video of the surrounding area I thought I would share. Enjoy the flight around our outstanding water playland. Call us for your next visit to Southwest Florida. Roelens Vacation Rentals.


Wishing you the gifts of the season – Peace, Joy, Hope

Wishing you the gifts of the season — Peace, Joy, Hope

About a year ago I made a Facebook post of a true story that had happened one morning while I was running an errand before school with my then 8 year old. This exuberant little boy, with a big grin really taught me something that day. Without rewriting my whole FB post, in a brief description I had been feeling down about a disappointment that had just occurred the day before. I stopped at a local supermarket with my little chatty, smiling boy to pick up some cookies for a holiday party his class was having that day. My boy skipping, singing, wiggling, jumping, grinning suddenly stopped and in his biggest of smiles and expressive of waves he wished a man exiting the store a HAPPY CHRISTMAS! The man’s face lit up like our newly decorated Christmas Tree. The man smiled and wished us a Happy Christmas right back. We went on into the store but did not know that the man, a former professional baseball player, had followed us in to the bakery. He wanted to personally thank my boy for his most memorable greeting and extend to him a warm embrace for making his day. To make his day all it took was a genuine smile and generous intention with the words…HAPPY CHRISTMAS. I quickly realized I had forgotten my disappointment of earlier and was enjoying this exchange of Christmas Greetings. So when life gets you down, take the holiday spirit with you all year long. With excitement of an 8 year old wish all those you see the most Happiest of Days all days of the year.

We wish all of our friends a Very Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year!

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