How to Choose Wisely When Deciding on Smart Home Technology

Are you thinking it’s time to invest in technology for your home, but you’re not sure about the ramifications? One of the biggest concerns for many homeowners is the impact their decisions could make when it’s time to sell. Here’s the relevant information you need so you can factor smart home technology into your market-smart decisions.

Integration and communication

There is a wide range of smart home devices out there for homeowners to consider. As such, there are several things you should investigate when making your choices, especially if you plan to integrate your equipment into one system. In that case, your final choices need to be compatible so devices can “talk” to each other. You might want to link them all to a single hub or to a voice-operated assistant like Siri or Alexa. Another suggestion is to use IFTTT (If This, Then That). In this case, you set circumstances through an app or website for your devices to essentially domino each other, which is called a “recipe.” For example, you might set up your thermostat to turn off your lights when you aren’t home.

Your best bet for installation of your gadgets is to hire the work so you know it’s done correctly.  For a professional electrician to install electrical outlets, fixtures, or switches in Cape Coral, Florida, you can expect to pay between $161 – $737.

Here are some popular smart home devices to consider:

    • Thermostat. Smart thermostats are popular choices since they can potentially save you a bundle on your utilities, and at the same time, they offer ample convenience. These gadgets “learn” your behavior and make adjustments based on your routine and habits.


    • Smoke detector. Smart smoke detectors are particularly handy for homeowners who work outside the home or travel a lot since they can alert you to trouble when you’re away. And as Smore points out, these devices offer a light alert when there is a problem, which is handy if you or someone in your household is hearing impaired.  It’s a terrific option in all ways for improving peace of mind.


    • Outlets and switches. Smart outlets and switches are popular for homeowners since virtually anything electric can be controlled through them. Whatever you plug into them can be manipulated from your phone, tablet or computer.


  • Security systems. There is a little of everything when it comes to smart home security, from locks, doorbells, and cameras to various options that involve some of each. You can choose cameras that will tell you when people come to your door, then record what they look like and say. Or, choose locks with special codes which expire, so when you have a short-term house guest or repairman, that person can have their own code, and it can only be used for as long as you dictate.

Fun and Functional

How do you decide what smart home devices are best for your home and lifestyle? One of the biggest driving forces for many people is the convenience factor. For instance, if you end up working later than expected or run extra errands on your way home, you can use your phone to tell your lights to turn on so you don’t come home to a dark house. Energy efficiency is another big player. Studies cited by Electronic House indicate as much as a 25 percent energy savings from installing smart devices and systems, so it’s a worthwhile consideration.

Listing Your Smart Home

When it comes time to sell your house, plan to create a list of the items which are in place, and contact tech support regarding the transition. Automation may or may not help sell your home, but either way, you will want to ensure both your and the buyer’s security when the sale is complete. As far as which options are most likely to help your home sell, thinking in terms of popularity, ease of use, and convenience.

Adding automation to your home can feel complicated, but with a little research, you can make wise decisions. Ensure you choose gadgetry you’ll enjoy using, and chances are other people will appreciate those items as well. Your selections could pay off in the long run!