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About Us

Our History

Koen Roelens founded Roelens Vacations in 2010 in beautiful Cape Coral, Florida. Today, Roelens Vacations focuses 100% on customer service in the hospitality space, becoming the leader and specialist for vacation rentals of South-West Florida. Roelens Vacations employs around 25 passionate members and manages 250 STR properties in the Cape Coral area alone.

About Koen

Koen Roelens was born in Antwerp Belgium. He made his first steps in the world of hospitality at a young age working for Spanish Hotel companies on the island of Mallorca, Spain. During his hotel career, Koen managed hotels throughout the world for Riu Hotels, Marriott, and Best Western. Eventually, Koen came to Florida, felt at home, and decided to start a real estate business on the side which eventually grew into a vacation rental business, which today we call Roelens Vacations.

Our Core Values

At Roelens Vacations our Core Values are bringing happiness and positive, lasting memories to our guests and homeowners. Our core values are deep inside our business culture and even our hiring process will only select go-getters, people with high reliability in their DNA, people who put others ahead of themselves and those who value personal growth within the company.

We Are An EOS Company

Roelens Vacations is an EOS driven company, meaning we are obsessed and highly focused on 6 core business processes to get to powerful results. Once implemented, we will be more strategic about implementing the right tools and growing the business instead of putting out fires all the time. Work smarter, not harder.


Meet The Team


Koen Roelens


Belgium Native Fluent

* Flemish, English
* French, Spanish German


Angela Moore



Janet McPherson

HR Coordinator


Clare Kutz

Marketing Manager


Ally Campbell

Cleaning Coordinator


Amanda Culver

Accounting Specialist


Torsten Josupeit

Operations Manager


Iris Peters

Director of Property Manager


Monica Jackson

Director of Property Managers


Dori Price

Property Manager


Dylan Brunt

Sales Consultant


Donna Arcella

Property Manager


Charline Vanderbrugghen

Property Manager


Kurt Meletzke

Property Care Specialist


Kaitlynn Sulin

Guest Service Agent

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