Taylor saved $246 by booking direct

Erica saved $432 by booking direct

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Austin saved $314 by booking direct

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Rental Management FAQs

  • Why choose Roelens Vacations Rentals to manage my property?

    Roelens Vacations is focused, responsive, and simple. Each of our properties is assigned a housekeeper and property manager that ensure your home receives the top notch care while our dynamic marketing strategies and revenue manager ensure your home reaches it's maximum income potential.

  • When do owners get paid?

    Our company operates using accrual accounting. Revenue is reflected on the owner’s account when the revenue is earned rather than when payment from the guest is received. We pay all of our owners on or before the 15th of each month for the month that just ended. So, if the guest stays at your property in January, you would get paid on your January statement that will be released on or around February 15th.

  • What if a reservation crosses from one month into another?

    If a guest stay covers more than one calendar month you will be paid based on the day the guest departed from the home. For example, if the guest checked-in on January 28th and checked out on February 4th, you will get paid on the February statement which will be prepared, sent, and disbursed before March 15th.

  • What happens if a guest cancels the reservation?

    Guests have a 72-hour window in which they are able to cancel a reservation. Guests may cancel prior to 60 days for a full refund.

  • As an owner, what if I have a guest I want to rent to?

    This would be classified as an owner referral reservation. Please provide us with all the information of the potential guest or refer the guest directly to our website: www.RoelensVacations.com

  • What if a guest has booked time that an owner wanted?

    Guests will book your unit with the understanding the property will be available. The guest will sign a contract and make all necessary travel arrangements including the flight and rental car. To preserve owner, property and company integrity we are not able to relocate guests to accommodate owner stays. For this reason, it is important to book owner reservations as soon as possible. The owner’s calendar is open for approximately two (2) future years. Owner reservations can be booked via the owner portal.

  • What booking channels will my house be listed on?

    We list our properties on multiple platforms to increase our home's visibility and to bring in as many bookings as possible. Besides being listed on the Roelens Vacations website, our homeowners can find their properties on Airbnb, VRBO, Booking.com, Marriot, Home To Go, and many more! We are always searching for more trustworthy booking platforms we can integrate with.

  • What happens if a guest damages my home?

    Every guest pays a damage waiver fee to cover any damages prior to arrival.

  • How do I read my owners Statement?

    Attached is a video that explains the best ways to read an owner Statement.

  • How do I make an Owner Reservation?

    Attached is a video that explains the best ways to make an Owner Reservation.

Reservation FAQs

  • Is it less expensive to book directly on the Roelens Vacations Website?

    Yes definitely! By booking directly you will save the guest service charges of a 3rd party website. We have many guests that save $100s on their reservation when they choose to book direct!

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    We allow cancellations within 72 hours of booking the reservation to be refunded. The Guest may cancel and receive a full refund minus the processing fee if they provide written notice prior to 60 days before the scheduled arrival.

  • Should I get travel insurance?

    Yes, we recommend every guest gets travel insurance. Your trip is an investment and should be protected. To ensure your trip is protected we recommend purchasing travel insurance. We offer it through a third party with every reservation made on our site.

  • Once I make a reservation, when will I receive a door code?

    Guests will have access to information on the app three days prior to check-in. Reservation must be paid in full and contract must be e-signed prior to this information becoming available. ID must be on file.

  • Are linens and towels provided?

    Yes, we will provide you with linens and bath towels. Keep in mind, we offer one towel per person, so if you need extra you will need to bring some with you.

  • Do you offer guest supplies?

    Yes, we provide a starters package containing 2 toilet paper rolls per toilet, 1 kitchen paper towel roll, 1 kitchen garbage bag, hand sanitizer, dishwasher soap and laundry detergent.

  • What if there is a maintenance or housekeeping issue in the house I am renting?

    If you encounter any maintenance or housekeeping issues during your stay, please contact your property manager or call our office directly. You can call the office at (239) 673-5112 or find your property manager's direct number in the home's welcome book.

  • Can I bring my pet with me?

    At Roelens Vacations, we have a list of homes that are advertised as pet friendly where guests may bring their dogs for a fee of $200 per dog. All of our pet friendly homes only allow dogs, no cats or other animals are allowed to stay at any of our properties. Many of our homes require that your dog be approved by the owner before they can be added to your reservation. For these situations, you will be asked to send in a photo of your dog. The pet fee is the same ($200 per pet) whether approval is needed or not.

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