After conversing with guests for the past several years one of the top questions we are asked is “Where can we get the best Seafood Cape Coral has to offer?” Now since this is Florida, there are many great, great locations to recommend. There is always, however, one that stands a bit ahead of the rest. This has to do with the freshness of the fish, the atmosphere of the location, and the fact that the family owners are also the fishermen. I always like to send people to fun and funky places while they are visiting here in Southwest Florida. Everyone should take a trip out to St. James City, Bokeelia – Museum of the Islands or Pineland while they are here. If visiting Pineland do not forget to make the Randell Research Center a stop on the way. Learn a bit of history of South Florida and the native Calusa Tribe. To make your way to these interesting locations you will pass through Matlacha (prounounced Mat-luh-shay).

This colorful slice of turn of the century Florida fishing village will delight you with it’s bohemian charm. Colors galore, hole-in-the wall art galleries and eateries offering a laid back style is a field trip everyone should take. I often take the motorcycle on a sunny Sunday morning and drive through the island bridge, Matlacha out to Bokeelia and back again. It is a ride that feeds my soul!

So now on to seafood question. It will be hard to choose, but while you are in Matlacha you will need to get a bite to eat and just as everyone has asked about the best seafood…Matlacha is one place you will find it. My recommendation is to visit Island Seafood Market & Cafe. This place is owned and operated by locals, who also catch their own fresh fish. You can order and take home or eat in the boutique cafe. In addition, to the fresh fish and seafood they also sell specialty sauces, dips and spices. Do you love smoked fish? They have that cooking out back as well. It doesn’t get any fresher than right off the boat delivered to the table Florida Fresh snapper, grouper, shrimp and more. Do you love to cook and learn new recipes? Be sure to check out their cooking classes held January – April. There is my answer where to get the fresh-est best-est seafood and fish while visiting Cape Coral, FL.

Enjoy and bon apetit!